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Recovery & Sober Living Homes

Supportive transitional living for those in early recovery.

Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery, located in Glenolden, PA, was founded in December of 2020 on the principle that healing from addiction requires human connection and loving support. Our promise to every resident at Jon Moules is that we will be by their side on their journey to a sober and a better life.

BridgeWay House was founded in 2017 and operates two residential recovery houses for substance abuse addicts. Each provides mutual support, accountability, and a spiritual twelve-step program - treating the whole person, not just the addiction. Our Vision is inspired by a spiritual manner of living.

Our programs are designed and geared towards our mission. “Everything we do begins with rebuilding and ultimately reintegrating sober individuals back into society fully equipped for life’s demands.” Each of our homes provide a comfortable, structured and above all, safe environment for our residents that is conducive of recovery.

We believe that your surroundings have a huge impact on your recovery.  That's why Dominate Today is raising the standard of recovery living.  We provide a quality place to live where you can enjoy the comforts of home.  Our houses are clean, safe, structured and AFFORDABLE.

Our purpose is to provide safe, substance-free recovery houses that foster dignity and self-respect for recovering individuals. Our households will cultivate personal transformation through fellowship and engagement in 12-Step recovery programs. Our structure will develop self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for self and others. We are committed to recovery and to helping our residents build a better life.

Lotus Recovery is a 9 month accountability program designed with three stages. As each resident progresses through the program the different stages grant additional privileges. This emphasizes the importance of taking action in and ownership of one's  recovery, while also protecting residents from some of the common pitfalls in early recovery.

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