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Caron's experienced clinical staff is trained to recognize and treat not only the patient's substance abuse, but also co-occurring disorders, Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID), and trauma-related issues

Caron’s mission is to transform lives impacted by drug and alcohol addiction through proven, evidence-based, comprehensive and personalized behavioral healthcare.

At Malvern, we believe that comprehensive recovery is best served through a complete understanding of addiction. That doesn’t happen in a day, a week, or a month – it happens by empowering individuals and treating them with dignity and respect while working together to fight the disease of addiction. Malvern’s individualized treatment approach addresses each person’s specific needs with diverse programming including education, family support group and individual counseling sessions.

At Mirmont Treatment Center—with locations in MediaBroomall and Exton, Pennsylvania—we take a unique mind-body approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Building on a 12-step foundation we integrate mindfulness and body-centered therapies into our drug and alcohol treatment program. With this holistic approach to addiction, we’ve helped thousands of people 18 and over on the journey to recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.

As part of our unique 360° recovery system, Pyramid Healthcare Rehabilitation Center provides services for adults and teens in all stages of addiction. Our program offerings include detoxification, inpatient treatment, methadone and Suboxone maintenance therapy, outpatient treatment and halfway and transitional housing. We focus on supplying a safe, supportive environment at all of our rehabilitation center, where individuals learn and practice recovery and coping skills.

Seabrook® believes community, continuity and structure are essential to reaching a recovery fulfillment. Addiction is not curable, so rehab becomes a lifelong journey requiring discipline, vigilance and family support. To enhance the sobriety success of our clients, we emphasize the vital importance of dedicated participation in the proven 12-Step Principles of Recovery beyond the care received during residential rehab.

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