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Therapeutic alliance
A. Micheal Blanche, MSS/LCSW
   Lex Remillard, MSW/LCSW

Therapeutic Alliance is a group of independent clinicians collaborating together to provide comprehensive therapeutic services to teens and adults struggling with emotional issues.  Therapeutic Alliance is dedicated to providing individualized assessments, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and interventions.

Lisa Silk is an addiction therapist who practices addiction counseling in suburban Philadelphia on the Main Line in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Lisa has devoted her career as a substance abuse counselor, to helping individuals and families suffering from addiction, heavy drinking and drug use.

Pennsylvania Recovery Center
Our mission is to provide intensive outpatient & outpatient services for individuals struggling with substance use disorder, and alcohol use disorder as well as co-occurring mental health problems who are seeking recovery from addiction.Our vision is that any addict or alcoholic can find relief from active addiction and a new way of life. We will provide the necessary tools and resources to help each client in our care to build a new way of life. Recovery from addiction is a process of gaining sobriety, hope, peace, and returning back to families with a way of life that enables them to be happily and usefully whole. We have seen profound transformations through the process of recovery, and it is our goal to show our clients the path to long term recovery.
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